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why me

Postby adammmm » Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:48 pm

i have found recently that some days im bang on it and will be knocking down the 40's easy not the best but for me its good
bu tthen i can go days without a slight chance of one lacking consistancy anybody got a link or anything i can get tips off

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Re: why me

Postby anglesalan » Wed Sep 29, 2010 3:22 am

depends on level of player your playing against ofcourse but if you get a chance of a break its not just about potting balls,you need composure,take your time and think of your next shot,some players think a few shots ahead,main thing for break building is your control of white,one bad shot and you start to struggle to get back in control of the white,when you pot a colour try play for more than one red to keep your options open,that way if you didnt get good posistion on your main ball you wanted you have a other one to go for,try go for pink or black and keep white near them,you dont want to start going for baulk colours every shot,in order to get a good break try practising shots to open reds for example the best one is on the blue at a angle,if you get reds split and pink and black are free you should get a big break,just keep it simple and dont hit ball hard,if you watch the higher players you will learn about breakbuilding and how they play shots and have control of white,if you see me in lobby i will give you cpl games and try explain some tips more ;)

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