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Postby Corinthian » Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:56 pm

Hi all :)

Love this game a lot but I, like many I am sure struggle with consistant play and want to improve my general play. I wondered if any high ranking/experienced players offer any form of tuition when they are not playing?

I have never gotten a century break, my biggest thus far being 80. Most folks that Ihave spoken to about how some players get century after century are just plain rude and ignorant.

Maybe there are some top players who still see that this is actually a game and are preprared to offer sound advice rather than comments like"lol getting centurys on semi pro is (edited) easy" ?

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Re: Tuition

Postby ianm27 » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:10 pm

Hi Corinthian,

I'm not a high rated player, but have been playing this game for some time.

There are some tips on the fansite, under the Gameplay tab:

Probably the most sound advice I can give you is to figure out where the white ball is going to end up and think about your next shot and dont take on really long shots with a huge error margin. One of the tips Frankie used to give was to not take on a shot where the error shadow was outside the jaws of the pocket.

Other than that its practice, practic and more practice :D You have to figure out your own style of play and don't worry too much about using side until you are confident with your potting

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