Custom Snooker Cues

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Custom Snooker Cues

Postby DOOM » Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:49 pm

Hi, as of years ago I know your only limited to the amount of cues you can purchase and still its the same. As in the real world the more advance snooker players don't just go the shop and buy any old snooker cue do they? So i was thinking about being able to create your own cue to your own specification. If it is just colour and designs that would be good, but going in to more detail like the weight, cue tip size, patten, type of wood, size cue, hand spliced or machine spliced will all depend on how much vcash you have.

Just an idea.. post your thoughts!


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Re: Custom Snooker Cues

Postby Stratician » Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:32 am

Nice idea.. I'm actually thinking of something similar... where you can purchase upgrades for cues.. to augment the power range / spin etc...

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Re: Custom Snooker Cues

Postby stinky_beaver » Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:40 am

I like the idea of designs etc but I don't think a cue should give a player better power range or spin, surely that's just giving a advantage to player A just because player B didn't have the cash to upgrade. It's like saying oh how about a match where player one can player on semi but player 2 yours will be pro settings. However I'm all for new cues and choose your own patterns etc.

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