A few suggestions/ideas

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A few suggestions/ideas

Postby sebsyOTF » Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:44 pm

A few things I have been thinking about recently that I can't believe have yet to be implemented.

1) An option to set your own limit on when a game should end due to a player needing snookers, that would need to be agreed by both players.

I've had it happen for and against me, the hard set limit of 10 points is annoying. Many frames I've seen where a player is 10 points behind with balls in great positions for snookers only for the game to automatically end. Also 10 is a bit of a daft limit anyway, why not 9 or 11? It should at least be increased to 13 so that 3 snookers required is possible, but ideally an option to specify a limit should be added.

2) An option to add friends so if you play with someone and enjoy the game, you can see when they are online and quickly offer them a match.

Self explanatory, this one. Let's be honest, some people on this game are absolute weapons, who will leave a game the moment you take a 20 point lead, but now and then you'll randomly play someone who you have a good laugh with, and are around the same level of ability, and it would be nice to be able to add them as a friend for ease of future games.

3) An ability to create your own tournaments for friends for which they would have to enter a password to join.

In my opinion this would be a very good addition. It wouldn't impact the current tournament structure of the game, and you could have many variations including round robins and double elimination tournaments, but would only be open to friends of the person hosting the tournament.

4) Frame conceded when a player misses three times when able to see the ball on.

I'm not as totally fussed on this one, but in the interest of the game being true to life, it would be nice to see this rule implemented, even if only as an option rather than forced up on the players.

5) Ability for non table host to pm people.

I've literally just thought of this as I'm typing and it could very well be that I have missed an obvious way of doing it, but if you are not a table host, you can't click the invite list to bring up the list of players in the lobby and therefore can not talk to people by pm. To be fair, I'm all for the players at the table concentrating on the game rather than pratling to other players who aren't at the table, but meh.

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Re: A few suggestions/ideas

Postby dark_destroyer » Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:57 pm

for number 5 both players can pm peopl from the table prees (ctrl and p) it will bring up the players list who are in the lobby

number as been mentioned before in the past

number 1 as far as i can remember it as always been set to -10 when the fram auto ends

number 3 tourneys are struggling at the moment

number 4 as been mentioned aswell before

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Re: A few suggestions/ideas

Postby Bob-d-break-builder » Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:00 pm

if a player fouls the max of 7 and also u get a free ball, that's a possible 15 points available so it should be set to -16 then the game end cos on anything less u can still win with this scenario
snooker loopy nuts is this game

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Re: A few suggestions/ideas

Postby Guacamole » Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:41 pm

First and foremost though, the bug giving you only 1 point for the last colour you pot before the 27 has to be fixed. Just got it three games in a row.

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