Rules of Conduct and Etiquette for iSnooker

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Rules of Conduct and Etiquette for iSnooker

Postby Shirley-Ann » Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:23 am

The Game:

Registered Members From Now On You Are Not Allowed To Have a Registered Account and Trial Account at the Same Time The Trial Account Will Be Banned .

Every user is allowed to create 1 Free Trial Account every 4-6 months. If they have not used a Trial account before and do not have a active Registered account. When we notice people creating more than 1 Trial Name, we will take measures, which will result in a ban.

Cheating / conceding games intentionally is not allowed. Members will receive a ban and a Rating reset and loss of any Virtual Cash, Text and Cues. ( One week ban for first offense, Permanent ban for second. ) We do not unban one month or trial accounts.

Never give your password to others. Moderators will never ask for your password! ( Admin will ask only for your password via E-mail when you E-mail support. )

Using offensive / racist remarks about other players in your Bio Comments is not allowed.


Swearing / cursing in the lobby's is not allowed and will be dealt with immediately. ( Warning first, if this doesn't help, a ban. ) Swearing is allowed at a Private table provided the players at the table don't take offence to it. If you are given a warning it stays on our warnings list for one month.

Always use your common sense when your chatting in the lobbies. There might be younger players reading the chat. No illegal drug references, these will be dealt with immediately.

Promoting ( download ) sites in lobby is not allowed. ( Unless cleared by MemirGames. )

Racist / sexual remarks are not allowed, no matter of what nature.

No links should be used in the lobbies except for Tournaments. Players will receive a warning and then a ban if kept up.

Giving out people's E-mail addresses / personal details isn't permitted without the consent of the person.

All foreign languages are allowed in the Lobby-Chat, provided that the above statements are adherred to. An Admin or Moderator may ask you to speak in English if they feel this is not the case.

When you notice people are using offensive language, always click on the 'Report Abuse' button at the top of your screen and look for a Moderator to report what's going on. ( If a moderator isn't available, E-mail the support with the information. ) If you start swearing back this won't solve anything and can also result in a ban.

( Admins / Moderators can't react to copied text, unless report abuse has been used or they have actually seen the abuse. )


Offensive Usernames ( Such as swear / sexual or racist words ) will be banned immediately untill changed by support. Any other names which aren't appropriate may be given 24 hours to change their name, with a warning from a Moderator.

Impersonating others is strictly forbidden. ( Logging into others accounts without permission could result in a permanent ban. )

Using E-mail addresses or weblinks in your username isn't allowed. ( There are 24 hours given to change the username. )

Name Changes:

- We do not do any name changes unless offensive.


Playing in more than one Tournament at the same time is not allowed. Entering one Tournament with more than one name is also not allowed. If we find players doing so, they will be disqualified from the Event and receive a 1 week ban.

Playing in any Tournament Lobby and any normal lobby at the same time is not allowed

People Registered with a One Month Registration Code are not allowed to enter Cash events. Exception is made when the player topped his account up more than 6 times with a One Month Code.

During cash prize or prize events, only the registered member can play on the said account. Anyone playing for someone else during a cash prize event will be illiminated as this is cheating.

Anyone banned for cheating will no longer be able to play in any cash prize or prize events for 3 months.

For Cash Prize or Prize tournaments, where someone is disqualified for winning a prize, it will be to the Administrators of the game to award the prizes fairly and to the best of their judgement.


All Ban cases are dealt with via E-mail to The forum is NOT a place to be discussing or making protests about banned players. Complaints about players or the game should be dealt with Any complaints about Moderators or Admins should be dealt with through Bugs or technical issues should be dealt with

Any posts found of the above nature or that are unsuitable for public viewing will be removed.

Please Try to use the appropriate Forum Area for the subject of your post. i.e. Post Bug Reports in the Report a Game bug Area.

NOTE: Permanently banned Registered Accounts will not be refunded!

For any questions you can contact

Admins / Moderators can't always read / deal with everything on the game. If you think there are things that needs Admins / Moderators attention, feel free to send an E-mail to and we will deal with it seriously.

The following list of words are prohibited / not allowed to be used on the iSnooker Game or Forum. These words are considered offensive and a form of abuse if used in any sentence. The use of any other offensive, racist, sexually or abusive terms is also prohibited on our service (iSnooker Game and Forum).

Please do not read on, if you take offense to vulgar / abusive language.

We do not allowing these words to be written in abbrievated or starred out form either such as; fck or f*ck etc.

NOTE: Ass/Arse is accepted.. as long as its not directed at anyone. Its a word people use everday and in movies and surely kids have heard it too. It will however not be accepted if it is directed at someone, for example: "kiss my ass" is offensive and wont be allowed, but if someone said " i fell on my ass" thats not directed at someone.

Dick head
Feck/Fek Off
Golden Showers
Mother Fucker
Nadds (testicles)
Piss (depends on the context used eg piss off, ban)
Tit (depends on context of the word)
Up yours

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