Ladder Rankings Update 7 Oct 2017

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Ladder Rankings Update 7 Oct 2017

Postby jUstcAllmEdOc » Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:13 pm

***Players have not been keeping track of their stats.. has not received one email totaling $10+ to claim.. The Ladder rankings system is over/ended.. No claims of any kind will be accepted after 7 Oct 2017***

Ladder Rankings will now reset weekly for Cash Prizes (Sunday at Midnight) starting tonight, 5 Feb 2017. We have included a Ladder Rankings viewer (see new Stats Menu). Winners of the Ladder should keep records of their Prizes and should only email once their Prizes total $10 or more. Emails should include, example: Week end 5 Feb 1st place $5, Week end 12 Feb 2nd place $4, Week end 19 Feb 6th place $2 total $11. Account time can be substituted for Prizes should you not hold a PayPal account. Note: All rated games affect Ladder Points. Games played using 'Find Match' exchange 30% more Ladder Points. First 3 Ladder Matches of a season award 3x Ladder Points. Idle players will lose Ladder Points (in the next update). **

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