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A lot of snooker and pool players also share a passion for poker. The mental aspects of both games are very similar. You are playing against an opponent and if you can’t beat them you have to keep them from beating you. In both games you also have to think several moves/plays ahead and mistakes are costly.

    Today's News and Events - 05-Jul-2015 00:00 (GMT)

V.I.P_MASTER Wins Semi Pro Elite!
Last Updated: 31-Mar-2015, 12:27 (GMT)
V.I.P_MASTER overcomes shogun 4-1 in our Snooker Semi Pro Elite tournament. Well done to high_flame and Maximum_Man in reaching the Semi Finals. Prizes include 6 Months Code to Winner, 3 Months Runner-Up and 1 Month Semi Finalists. Maximum_Man is awarded with 1 Months Code for the highest tournament break of 144!

Bug Fix to Tournament System
Last Updated: 30-Mar-2015, 17:51 (GMT)
We have updated our server to address the recent bugs that prevent the tournaments from completing. A further update will be performed shortly to fix another game issue (concede bug).

Elite Snooker Tournament (Prizes) - 25th-25th Oct 2014
Last Updated: 21-Oct-2014, 09:20 (GMT)
Win Membership Codes! All games played in Elite Lobby on iSnooker, Groups Stage (Sat 25th Oct 17:00 GMT): Race to 1, Groups of 8, Top 3 qualify. Knock-Out Stage (Sun 26th Oct 17:00 GMT): Race to 3 until Final which is Race to 4. Winner 6 Months Code, Runner-Up: 3 Months Code, Semi Finalists: 1 Month Code. Prizes will increase if over 40 Entrants. Please contact lgtournamentevents@gmail.com to claim your prize. Try iSnooker Now and play in events like these as well as daily tournaments. Download Now

Pro Elite Tournament (Prizes) - 26th - 27th July
Last Updated: 25-Jul-2014, 18:03 (GMT)
Pro Game Type. All games played in Elite Lobby, Groups Stage (Sat 26th Jul 17:00 GMT): Race To 2, Groups of 6, Top 3 qualify. Knock-Out Stage (Sun 27th Jul 17:00 GMT): Race to 3 until Final which is Race to 4. Download iSnooker and create your Free Account now and play in events like this!

iSnooker 2.2.53b (Online Snooker Game)
Last Updated: 13-May-2014, 13:52 (GMT)
Try the latest version of iSnooker and challenge your friends to a game of Online Snooker. Get your FREE 14 day Trial Account. Download Now!

New Snooker League
Last Updated: 08-May-2014, 13:33 (GMT)
We are running Snooker Leagues with prizes on iSnooker (4th May to 22nd Jun 2014. See League table. With the high interest in the current Semi Pro League, we will be starting a Pro League in the near future. Further details will be available soon. iSnooker Now and play online snooker against your friends in Lobby, Tournament and League games.

iSnooker v2.2.53c (release 14th May 2014)
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